Infernal heat can't take the sound in here

Music. Nerdgasms. Television. Movies.

Firstly, this blog is a piece of shit. Basically I like bands, and musicians, I like actors, I like movies and TV, I like books and stories. I'm everything you'd expect to find on Tumblr, but I like to think I take it all a little less seriously. Hobbies include: obsessively following bands on tour (FTHC), attending music festivals, seeing bands in town just for shits if they haven't sold out, driving absurdly far to see bands I like. Sometimes I do some sport like things. Sometimes I like to be self absorbed and I go off on angry tangents. I'm not an adult, I don't make adult decisions, but I like to think I've grown up a little. Still, what's the point in being mature all the time.

Hi. You can call me Breakfast Club if you like. Or really anything. Especially if you're Alex Turner.